Pelican Micro Cases

The Pelican micro case collection is designed to protect cell phones, smart phones, MP3 players, GPS, papers, keys, etc. With design features such as a water resistant exterior, automatic purge equalization valve, easy open latch and stainless steel hardware you can feel confident that your equipment will be protected. As with all Pelican products they come with a lifetime guarantee of excellence.

The Pelican micro case collection includes the following cases: Pelican 0915 Memory Card case, Pelican 0945 Memory Card case, Pelican 1010 micro case, Pelican 1015 micro case, Pelican 1020 micro case, Pelican 1030 micro case, Pelican 1040 micro case, Pelican 1050 micro case, Pelican 1060 micro case, and the Pelican i1015 micro case.